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Veraseri Designs is a Design Firm working towards the improvement for both modern Aesthetic Enterprise, and Human Health through new and inventive forms of technologies and design. We also collaborate with many talented designers and scientists in other firms and corporations to bring the consumer or viewer a new and fresh aesthetic. Be it Furniture, Film, Sculpture, Music Production, or Technologies for better health, our capabilities reach as far into the imagination as is capable.

The company founded by Scientist and Sculptor Adam Krehbiel, began humbly in the basement of Adam's home. Adam began inventing Bio-Medical devices to aid him within an illness that had suppressed his early life. Adam's vision is to vanguard a movement combining both the visual and analytical minds in an organized assemblage allowing both Artist and Scientist to brandish their natural talents combining Art, Science and discussion to further our knowledge and role in this world. We strive to supply a powerful safe haven of free thought and advancement. 

[Leonardo Da Vinci] combined art and science and aesthetics and engineering, that kind of unity is needed once again. -- Ben Shneiderman, 2002   (via interaction-design.org)


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