Adam Krehbiel

‘The Stig Chair’


52”x 23”x 39”

Recycled Steel Pipe, Yellow Pine, Deer Leather, Stainless Steel


As Veraseri Designs’ debut into high performance Sport luxury furniture. The Stig Chair is specifically designed for the home, office, and travel charging of your personal Stig. Stig farms do not offer this penultimate piece in convenience and safety in the care and maintenance of your personal Stig. The Stig chair is equipped with two fast connect tube lines that are universal for every Stig, one for Nitrogen out gassing, and the larger for unprocessed minced raw Pork. The seating device also features push-rod suspension as not to jar your Stig during transportation and charging, an event that could prove explosive. Stigs from a Stig farm are vulnerable during the period of charging and outgassing, fluid and gas levels inside the Stig change and can become unstable and potentially explosive. The seating unit is as well prepared for such an event in the very rare case that your Stig for some reason explodes. The Chair has been coated with a special material produced and applied by the Line-X Protective Coatings Corp. This material chosen specifically for its durability and blast aversion. The coating can be hosed down if needed and resists 9mm small arms fire. It also sports gel-cushioned pads upholstered in Deer leather, which was harvested from a deer hit by the designer’s car. The frame of the seating device is made from 4130 alloy steel tubes, recycled from the frames of a number of Nascar Stock Car crashes.




Adam Krehbiel
'The Mangrove Chair v.2'
25.5”x 34”x 35.5”
Yellow Pine, Recycled Steel Pipe, Pressed Steel Leaf

The Mangrove Chair v.2

Is a continuation of the unique functional and sculptural works for the exceptional home. The series continues its mission in bringing awareness and funding to the planets dying Mangrove ecosystems. With this piece, as well with all of the works in the series. 100% of the proceeds shall go to a number of the most effective Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation programs. As well as exhibiting awareness in ecosystem conservation, the piece also exhibits Veraseri Design's continued research in comfort through unlikely or recycled materials with unmatched quality. Though the seater sits upon dye cut steel leaves, it is most comfortable and vanguards cushion like movement prime in Ergonomic Design. The piece also features conservation in manufacture with the least impact to the environment as possible within the creation of such a work. 80% of the electricity used within the welding of the over 1000 joints was generated upon the property of the designer with no harmful welding gasses released in atmosphere, thanks to a fume extraction and filtering system created by the designer. Taking about a year to complete, the piece utilized recycled steel pipe pulled from buildings in the process of demolition. The smaller rods were recycled from the Obama election campaign signs posted all over the country. Lastly the stain used within the base is a natural low VOC compound invented by the designer utilizing key minerals from the Alice Springs Desert of Australia.





 Adam Krehbiel

'The Firefly Chair'
53.75"x 20.75"x 43"
Oak, Plaited Leather, Steel, Aluminum, Rare Earth Metals

'The Firefly Chair' is Veraseri Designs continuation of the Tolkienian inspired line of home accessories that fulfill multiple functionalities. The first being true comfort for the seater. The second being unbridled lines, and unique visual interest unlike any other seating device. And finally, the third being nocturnal visual transformation. An exceedingly powerful Rare Earth glow medium is selectively infused into the surface of the Red Oak giving it a brilliant Firefly green glow at night as if it were lit by a million Fireflies. A task not easily completed due to the recent Rare Earth shortage. The tree this piece was constructed from was struck by lightning upon the designers property, a property that for some reason is very prone to such an event.

Pictures of a similar Lightning event here

The back rest of the piece is completed by four plait braided leather cord that is then weaved into a lovely diamond pattern that is both strong and exceedingly comfortable.

Hewn by hand for over five months, this piece is a wholly unique addition to any home where Tolkienian dreams reside.






Adam Krehbiel
'The Alfredo Ferrari Table'
15.625”x 46.5”x 33.5”
Red Fir, Glass, Italian Alabaster, Yellow Pine, Bamboo, Limewood, Cocobolo 

'The Alfredo Ferrari Table'
Veraseri Designs latest series of works for the unique home. This piece comes from the pedigree of Veraseri’s more recent high-end private commissions of the past year. The ‘Dino Ferrari Table’ is a compilation of compelling sinewy lines and liquid forms that branch between practical tradition and cutting edge form and concept of design administration. Not for the home weak at heart. The Scuderia Ferrari logo the Cavallino Rampante ("prancing horse"), is hand carved from Puro Bianco Alabaster quarried from Volterra Italy and set in the Ferrari flagship colour of Ferrari Red. The body crafted primarily in Red Fir was cut from a specimen downed by lightning in northern California. The piece was created as a tribute to Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari. Alfredo Ferrari a talented car designer and engineer passed from Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of twenty-four. All of the proceeds from this piece shall go to benefit Duchenne muscular dystrophy research to cure this fatal genetic disease.


Adam Krehbiel
'Moto X Throne'
35"x 49"x 75"
Yellow Pine, Steel Pipe, Aluminum, Component
Travis Pastrana Private Collection

‘The Moto X Throne’

Features Veraseri Designs’ Defcon Form seat bodies for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, a towering example of Veraseri’s obsession with exhilarating style and comfort. It yields a crossbow orientation for stability and a refreshing departure from the standard four legged throne canon. The piece stands proud after a nine-month design, testing, and manufacturing time. The designer worked meticulously upon every detail instilling much symbolism of a rider’s life, from the fork and wheel right down to the glistening finish. One of the many examples of this instilled symbolism can be found within the stain used within the piece. The stain invented and hand mixed by the designer is coloured by key minerals inside the soil from the Alice Springs Desert of Australia, most notably from the course of the Finke Desert Race, Australia’s largest desert race

Adam Krehbiel
'Mangrove Chair'
34"x 30"x 36"
Yellow Pine, Steel Pipe, Resin, Sa

The Mangrove Chair is the first in a series of unique sculptural works where purposed niche design is demanded as high as function and stand-alone balance. The piece was created in reaction to our planets staggeringly disappearing Mangrove ecosystems. Currently over one-fifth of the worlds mangrove ecosystems have been lost since 1980, by comparison the disappearance is at a faster rate than mainland timber operations. This piece was created to encourage awareness and to celebrate the astounding beauty, and luminescent mystery of these truly incredible ecosystems. The proceeds from the sale of this one of a kind piece shall be donated to benefit Mangrove and other endangered ecosystem conservancy programs around the world.  Masterfully handcrafted utilizing 90% recycled materials this unique piece would be a fine addition to the green home both in function and décor.

Adam Krehbiel
'Mangrove End Table'
43"x 18"x 18"
Yellow Pine, Steel Pipe, Resin, Sand, Glass

The 'Mangrove End Table' is a continuation of Veraseri Designs' search for sculptural niche furniture designs for the unique home. This piece coupled with Veraseri Design's 'Mangrove Chair' were created to encourage awareness of the worlds receding mangrove ecosystems, and to celebrate the astounding beauty and luminescent mystery of these truly incredible ecosystems. The proceeds from the sale of this one of a kind piece shall be donated to benefit Mangrove and other endangered ecosystem conservancy programs around the world. Masterfully handcrafted utilizing 90% recycled materials and showcases the designer’s skill in some of the most difficult forms of multi-position welding and other metallurgy techniques.

 Adam Krehbiel 

'A. Colubris Lounge Chair'


27" x51.5" x32"

Oak Veneer, 473 Layers of Meranti Wood

A very unique piece designed by utilizing the most distinctive air form shapes and patterns caused by the flight of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). As the Hummingbird flaps its wings it pushes oxygen away and creates the most beautiful vortexes and within a still shot a definite shape. Each shape is captured by thermal imaging cameras, and meticulously recreated and placed within the piece utilizing the fullest of balance. This piece was created with a very special closeness to the hummingbirds as per the design team spent a great deal of time taming a number of wild hummingbirds.

© Douglas R. Warrick, Bret W. Tobalske  
and Donald R. Powers

 Adam Krehbiel 

'Tolkienian (Water) Table'


48.5"" x34" x17.25"

Poplar, Bamboo, Sub-flooring, Glass,  Plywood

The 'Tolkienian (Water) Table' is a powerhouse of masterfully hand carved and expertly balanced features. The piece boasts a staggering eight month creation time, not including a two year wood seasoning and drying time for the Tulip Polar cut strait from the designers property located in Virginia U.S.A.. The purpose for such measures were for strict quality control for such a carving intensive piece. This piece is the latest in Veraseri Designs search for outstanding works utilizing inexpensive, recycled, or even unlikely materials. This piece shows the use of fiber sub-flooring, a product used much within the construction of newer homes. The subfloor is hand carved over a month to create the top mid section, and adds a new unidentifiable flavour that applies great substance and character.

AdvanTech® Sub-flooring 

Detail Shot of the hand carved recycled sub-flooring with plywood overlay

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