Stainless Steel, Fiberfrax Duraboard


7"x 5"x 7"

Mini-Forge is a forge built for portability as well as ease of use. A Mini-Forge can be an exceptionally versatile tool in field repair as well as instant small jobs in the shop. It uses a standard propane or MAPP gas tank, as well as any torch head rated for both gasses. All of the Forge is constructed in stainless steel as not to corrode, and as well to this is coated in a paint that resists temperatures up to 1200 deg. F. In the back of the piece is a door that when opened allows the forge to suit substantially longer pieces.

Click Here to view an album upon the making of Mini-Forge.


Adam Krehbiel

Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Rubber, Nylon, Vinyl


15"x 8.5"x 10"

Above is a portable vacuum compressor capable of pulling 27" Hg (Inches of Mercury) at 0.95CFM. Its primary purpose is for the vacuum bagging of high performance composites such as Fiberglass, Kevlar and especially Carbon Fiber. In the past Adam had fabricated commissioned prototype components and finwork for Champ Cars, Formula 3000, and Formula 3 primarily in Carbon Fiber. The Designer had always desired a durable and adaptable means by which to obtain a powerful vacuum quickly, easily, and adaptably. Here is the final design tested and finally cohesive, and green.


A completed Downforce cowl fin assembly in E-glass by Adam Krehbiel




Adam Krehbiel

Forged Mild Steel, Steel Square Tube


54"x 17"x 2"

 Adam Krehbiel

'Centas( Membrane-pickup Uilleann Pipes)


Stainless, PVC, P.E.T., Modified poly amide, Brass, Kevlar Reed, Vinyl,Italian Shell, Leather, Aluminum, Nylon  



Rhys Himsworth, Adam Krehbiel

CNC Machine #1



Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, Brass, Patina, Component, P.E.T, Vinyl, MDF

Rhys Himsworth, Adam Krehbiel

CNC Machine #2



Aluminum, Steel, Component, Polymer, MDF, Paper

Adam Krehbiel

'The Newton Pen'

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